line of young people in a field jumping into the air
line of young people in a field jumping into the air
El Shaddai Mentoring
El Shaddai Mentoring
Family Life Education is "Any educational activity occuring outside of a traditional school classroom setting, that is designed to strenghten relationships in the home and foster positive individuals, couples, and family development." (NCFR)

FLE includes but not limited to pre-marriage education, marriage enrichment, parent education, sexuality education, financial management, time management, anger management, stress reduction, communication, and conflict resolution workshop. (D.J. Bredefoft, NCFR)

Family Life Content Areas:

-Families in Society

-Internal Dynamics of Families

-Human Growth and Development

-Human Sexuality

-Interpersonal Relationships

-Family Resources Management

-Parent Education and Guidance

-Family Law, and Public Policy


-Family Life Education and Methodology

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